Obama Math Challenge – includes problems allegedly pulled from Singapore’s math curriculum, many of which are useful archetypes for ways to get kids to think.

Art of Problem Solving (wiki) – I need to check this out, and I forget why I opened it in my browser.  But just the idea of a wiki with this title makes me think that it’s a good idea to include it here.

Martin Gardener Puzzles

Car Talk Puzzlers

LSAT Analytical Reasoning Questions

The following web sites may be useful: – excellent source of interesting problems and their solutions – the Ask Dr. Math section has a lot of interesting questions (like why do two negatives multiply together to equal a positive

Challenging, but a good place to find ideas:



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  1. ZeroSum Ruler · · Reply

    I was sent an interesting article with tables that I posted on my blog showing the difference in number of math topics covered per year in the US vs. A+ countries (including Singapore). With the number of topics we throw at our kids per year in the US, it’s amazing that any of it ever sinks in!

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