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Riding Out the Storm

As October comes to a close with a hurricane whose impact we won’t know until a day or two from now, these unexpected two days off are a chance to reflect on the school year so far. It’s difficult to know where to begin with this, because I have been so busy living day to […]

Current Work: SBG Rubric for CCSMP

There are many unknowns surrounding the Common Core Standards, but the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice are not among them.  I buy into them, and I am excited to continue to build a classroom that emphasizes these habits in balanced concert with whatever the mathematical content of a particular course. I am teaching three different math […]

Spring Goals: 11th Grade Math, Specifically Trigonometry

11th Grade Math / Trigonometry TLT 2, and the use cycle for active pedagogy strategies within this curriculum. Digital archiving, so I can share & provide work in a place like this TLC Scaffolding SLTs into the larger ones that make up my Trig curriculum Writing process and graphic organizers If, in June, I can […]

Spring Goals: Pre Calculus

Pre Calculus Making sure kids don’t hate math. Keeping the ideal of rich problem sets and exams with which I started the Fall, but adapting to kids who have proven unprepared for that. When the year began, I was probably most excited for this class.  I’d be working with nearly 40 students (mostly seniors, some […]

Statistics Debrief, Part $%*%#!

I never got around to finishing my debrief of the Statistics semester that was, at least on these pages.  I think I forget the majority of what I was going to write about.  I have come to an important place in my career, where I’m experiencing the detrimental effects of being too busy to reflect. […]