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Quizzes can be hard

One of the consequences of my implementation of mastery-based grading is that “% right” and “score” or “grade” on a quiz are now almost completely detached from each other.  There’s little relation between the two anymore – on a quiz with eight or so problems, two students might each get a different score for getting […]

Formative Per Day #3

I picked up a copy of this book at NCTM last Spring. It contains descriptions of 75 different formative assessment strategies for the math classroom.  I’d like to try out as many as I can this year, as part of this project I’m starting, of documenting my use of a formative assessment strategy each day. […]

Formative per Day #2

So much of the health of any new habit rests on one’s ability to begin, but a week of failing to meet my goal will not discourage me.  Although I’m batting just .200 after posting once in the first five days of class, I’d still like to state that my goal moving forward is to […]

Formative Per Day #1

Today was the first day of regular classes with the 11th and 12th grades at VPA. Description of Today’s Formative Assessment Today’s formative assessment went like this: students were direct to a page on the class web site where they read this passage from the beginning of The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, by Paul […]

Current Work: SBG Rubric for CCSMP

There are many unknowns surrounding the Common Core Standards, but the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice are not among them.  I buy into them, and I am excited to continue to build a classroom that emphasizes these habits in balanced concert with whatever the mathematical content of a particular course. I am teaching three different math […]