Spring Goals: 11th Grade Math, Specifically Trigonometry

11th Grade Math / Trigonometry

  • TLT 2, and the use cycle for active pedagogy strategies within this curriculum.
  • Digital archiving, so I can share & provide work in a place like this TLC
  • Scaffolding SLTs into the larger ones that make up my Trig curriculum
  • Writing process and graphic organizers

If, in June, I can say that I’ve achieved my goals in each of these four areas, I’ll be excited.

For starters, the first and third bullets above are related, and I’m already working on them: by creating a nice, big, Expeditionary Learning template with a column for big SLTs (already written from last year), a column for scaffold SLTs that I’ll use on a daily basis, and a column for active pedagogy strategies that I’ll use for each target.  By Monday, this living document will be fleshed out at least through the first few SLTs of the Spring, and I’ll continue working on it throughout.

It’s the second bullet point that I’d like to consider here, and this is the first of my Spring goals that I’m going to make SMART.  After that, we’ll see what else follows.

SMART Goal, Spring 2012: Archiving Student Work

Specific: I would like to have a digital archive of selected student work for each major product that students complete this Spring.  I’m still considering the role of smaller products, or how “big” is big enough for a product to be worth archiving.  That question will work itself out.  I’d like to have exemplars, but also examples of common mistakes in my scanned work.  I will archive it in Dropbox, but maybe I’ll also post some of it on the class web site.  That’s another question that will work itself out.

Measurable: After each major project, I’ll count how many students handed in work and how many met each standard.  Then I’ll scan some of the assignments.  By the end of the term, I should have well-organized archive of work that I’ll be able to present at my Teacher-Led Conference.  As for a number, let’s say there will be at least three pieces of scanned (or photographed) work for every component of  every project I assign.

Attainable: I have a scanner, I have projects written, and I have students who do them.  I have to make time to scan, and I have to develop my practice of choosing work for that purpose.  It’s all within my reach.  When I debrief this in June, I’ll reflect on the time taken, and whether it was worth it.

Relevance:  Yesterday at my TLC, I really wished to have well-organized student work to share with my colleagues.  I’m doing something about it.  Hopefully it will also help to inform current and future students, and will therefore improve my practice as a teacher.

Time: I’ll know in June.


  • Will this be worth my time?
  • How much time will it take?
  • How will I decide which work I should scan?
  • What is the right number of products to scan?
  • Besides putting this stuff in a digital folder, how else will it be used?  Where else will it go?



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