My last post, more than a month ago, was about how it had been a long time since I had written. I don’t want to make this post about the same thing, but I must just get a few words in about that. First of all, I’ve noticed that a lot of other writers in the math-blogging community also decrease their output during October and November, so I feel better about being normal. Secondly, the idea to start this blog arose last Spring, when I found myself with more time for regularly checking up on my google reader account. So even though I feel a wish that I would have written more this Fall, I don’t really feel bad about it: I was too busy to want to. And now, in the midst of this busy holiday season, I’m finally achieving some equilibrium in the classroom, which gives me a little pocket of time for reading blogs, which makes me want to write again.

So, that’s the real purpose here: to keep a rolling record of things, where the month-long silences are as telling as the good thinking that I might one day do here. Good.

What I’ve had a moment to do today is to also consider the wider use of this blog as an organizational tool for myself. I already use Evernote and Bento to catalog ideas at different stages – Evernote when they’re half-baked and to-do-listy, Bento when I really want to be able to return to them a little farther off in the future. I think that a “Virtual Filing Cabinet” here will really round things off – or at least allow me to close some of these three dozen Chrome tabs that I always seem to have open. So I created a Virtual Filing Cabinet today, perfectly ripping of Sam Shah’s idea (I guess I should link to his from mine…), and also starting a page called “Problems,” where I’ll be able to collect links and post problems that I’ve used.

May time make it all useful.

And I promise to start writing about actual lessons and teaching someday.


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