The Week Ahead

One full week in, this school year feels different. It’s been plenty busy, but good things are happening. Kids are buying in, and expertise flows among the several of us teachers who just started feeling like we’ve done some growing up together.

The one floating item on my to-do list that keeps not getting done is writing a post on my new blog about my goals for the year. I’m too tired from being too busy meeting goals to reflect on those goals right now.

For now: one of my goals is that I’d like to be more intentional about reflecting on my work this year. I’ve got my hands in a lot of exciting things, and I think it’ll all be even better if I write down how it’s all going.  Instead of trying to do it all at once, and over and over again letting that item float, I’ll just jot some notes about what’s going on this week.

Monday is a meeting for the New York Performance Standards Consortium at the Julia Richman complex on East 67 street.  My school is trying to become part of the Consortium, membership in which provides a Regents waiver for some exams.  Not math, but I’m still excited about the prospect of Performance-Based Assessments, and I’m thrilled about how we’ve replaced clunky multiple-choice assessments that seem to be the product of a lucrative contract between the test maker and the city/state with a shorter problem-solving-based diagnostic and interim assessment.  I’ve already implemented it, introduced kids to the rubric, and taught them to know and be able to use the word ‘efficient.’

Tuesday is the first meeting of the Math for America Professional Learning Team that I’m co-facilitating.  Exciting conversations ahead.  I just started reading A Mathematician’s Lament (the book version) and think that some passages from the text may be good conversation starters.

Wednesday is chill.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I teach blocked periods.  The plans I use on Thursdays are the same as one of the preps I have on Wednesday.  Going out to dinner Wednesday.  Maybe Dinosaur BBQ.

Friday there’s basketball – it’s been a while since I’ve played regularly.

Saturday is the fourth meeting of a mathematics and fairness class I’m taking, organized by the PCMI folks and MfA.

And there’s teaching.  Don’t forget it, James.

So in all of these are embedded some goals for year.  If I meet this goal about being reflective, I’ll learn to take a little time and be thoughtful about what’s going on in each.  But not tonight.  Today was a good full day.


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