Opportunity! (#’s 1 thru 3)

Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah arrived in the same week this year, resulting in a one-day-long first week of classes.  Contrary to our projections, attendance was solid yesterday.  I saw 14 out of 17 of my Crew (they’re SENIORS – more on that later!) and 27 of 32 in the only junior class I saw.  So we were comfortably over 80% with upperclassmen at a school where we struggled to reach that goal last year. Opportunity #1: If you see the kids, as the old mantra goes, you can teach them something. Nice to be encouraged on that account on the first day of school.  Hopefully those numbers even seem low by year’s end.

Now, the short week and the immediate long weekend meant that I could really enjoy my seventh Labor Day weekend as a teacher by not thinking of work at all (at least not officially) and Opportunity #2: Basking in the company of friends, in a place I’ve never been, witnessing a wedding, and only talking about teaching because it’s so interesting to compare notes and philosophize with an old friend who’s been hard at work in New Orleans. It also meant that I could abandon moderation on both ends of the work/life spectrum, by Opportunity #3: Really committing to some serious planning time over this four-day weekend. I’m acting like these are work days today and tomorrow and especially looking forward to hitting the Rose Main Reading Room for a few hours tomorrow.  It’s a joy to have the time and the purpose the set up camp there!

But all of these are besides the point, which I’ll save for the next post.


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