It’s been almost three months since I’ve written here – so long that I almost forgot this blog was a tool I could use in my teaching. For the first time in a while, I feel like I just have to write about the day I had yesterday.  All three classes I teach were remarkable […]

This is not the first year that I have used Excel as a teaching tool, but I have been more purposeful about it than in the past.  Today we began our fourth “Excel Exploration” of the semester in my #TrendingNow class, and I feel like it’s paying off as everything comes together. Here are the […]

Nicholas Carr discusses the correlation between delays in the time it takes for online video to load, and viewer abandonment rates.  He also shows that as our access to broadband increases, our patience to wait for them decreases. It’s a neat context for an Algebra 2 lesson, because in addition to providing a smooth curve […]

One of the consequences of my implementation of mastery-based grading is that “% right” and “score” or “grade” on a quiz are now almost completely detached from each other.  There’s little relation between the two anymore – on a quiz with eight or so problems, two students might each get a different score for getting […]

As October comes to a close with a hurricane whose impact we won’t know until a day or two from now, these unexpected two days off are a chance to reflect on the school year so far. It’s difficult to know where to begin with this, because I have been so busy living day to […]

I picked up a copy of this book at NCTM last Spring. It contains descriptions of 75 different formative assessment strategies for the math classroom.  I’d like to try out as many as I can this year, as part of this project I’m starting, of documenting my use of a formative assessment strategy each day. […]

So much of the health of any new habit rests on one’s ability to begin, but a week of failing to meet my goal will not discourage me.  Although I’m batting just .200 after posting once in the first five days of class, I’d still like to state that my goal moving forward is to […]